The Struggle was Real!

For this journey, I first got the Weight Management system available through MAX International – to see our video explaining this system,CLICK HERE and if you would like to get ongoing information that I will be sending out, then enter your email to get on my Awesome Health Information list for updated information that will come directly to your inbox. You will get an email to confirm your subscription, and if you are not seeing it in your inbox, check the spam folder and mark as not spam so you don’t miss any of the valuable information I will be sending out.

If you have been sent to this page by another MAX Associate, please get back to them for more information and to place your order. If you are here of your own doing, then please visit the weight management section of my MAX website here: CLICK HEREand you will be able to order right from that page by clicking the JOIN button at the top of the page, and then you can join as a customer or an associate. Do reach out to me so I can support you in your journey!

That is how my journey started too. With that purchase I had access to the support system for my weight loss journey, in the back office when I logged in. There I had videos to help me and guidance for food and exercise. I implemented as many of these recommendations as I could and got into a more active and healthy routine. It became fun.

One of the most fun things from the whole process was that I was staying at my daughter’s house at the time, and we were eating the same foods and doing the same exercises, but only I was taking the MAX products. After about 2 months in, she came to me and said “Ok Mom, I want some of what you are on; because I am doing the same things as you and I see the fat melting off you in front of my eyes, and for me, nothing!”

So as soon as she started on the program, and then she too started to PEEL and REVEAL!! She reached a body shape she is very happy with and has been an ongoing positive support in my life as I grow my MAX business.

If you too, want to peel off the fat and reveal the firm fit you underneath, then don’t wait. Using the Max system is something that fits into any lifestyle as it does not require special meals or cutting out any food groups.

Drink your water, take Switch as recommended, and add the Be bars as described to get the desired results. Be sure to take your own set of before pictures, because you may not believe your own eyes when in 90 days you take the after photos and see the difference. It may not seem that significant on the scale, but remember you won’t be losing muscle or organ tissue, you will only be losing fat, and a pound of fat takes up a lot more room than a pound of muscle even though they both weigh the same. Do the measurements, you will be shocked at the inch loss. One of my biggest signs was how long the tail on my belt got. All of a sudden it seemed, my belt was way too long. That is a good feeling when, like me, you put most of your weight on in your belly area.

If you have had success with this CLICK HERE system as well, I look forward to hearing about it. Perhaps you can be a guest on my show one day!!

I am Darlene Goodrick and I am MAX !!

Darlene Goodrick – I am MAX

Darlene Goodrick wins Grand Prize in the Max International Weight Loss Challenge